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this body holding me...

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September 6th, at 4:32pm]
i am using this journal to screw around with layouts. that is all.

est new one
but is friends only.
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (3)and thunderstorms bright.

November 4th, at 9:46pm]
more pics of homecoming and funnessCollapse )
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

November 4th, at 9:42pm]
[ mood | sore ]

our team at dinner!!

after our team dinner jazzy smashed a pumpkin for no reason. here is marni and emma posing with the smashed remains of the poor pumpkin.

if you can remember the whole bastard cake incident, here is the bastard cake in the flesh.

tina, world's biggest soccer fan, and the darling lindsay

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

October 27th, at 11:20pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i was really hoping that our game today would be cancelled because our team got completely f-ed over in the moapa game... jazzy got slaughtered by INGA (the monster from sweden), thayer got a concussion, lee couldn't score even with 12 break aways, and emma got a red card. but we ended up playing really well, our new lineup was actually pretty good.. (but weird). shina was sweeper, lee was stopper (truly random) me and sk as defense... becca and jazzy as center mids (a dream team), linds and karen as wings, and tlee and brit as forwards. pretty much the only bad part was karen, she played way too far back so she kept everyone onsides but then when her girl got the ball she still couldn't stop her. horribleness. and that little bitch number 2 completely cleated court in the side. we tied 2-2, what a surprise. we are comeback artists, but we really need to learn how to WIN. sigh. i really think we just need to do shooting drills like mad. i was playing kinda spastic.. i did stupid stuff like try to throw the soaking wet soccer ball, which just went out of bounds and made me look like a moron. tk and i laughed about it after though.. haha.

i really really love how we have a half day tomorrow again plus no school friday.. yay nevada day. i didn't want to go to disneyland with the church because i'm truly tired of everyone there. the only people that go are the ones i really don't want to see. and the ones i really want to see (mostly just adam and nick) don't go. what shite. but the group wants to go to some halloween party saturday and i really don't know how i am gonna pull that off plus trick-or-treating. sigh.. having a life requires far too much effort.

well i am done for now. i am multa fessa.

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

October 15th, at 5:45pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

eee.. well our boulder city game yesterday was a DREAM MIRACLE THANG... due to thayer who is my hero.. here is the explanation. so we were down by two when the second half started and we were generally playing shitty even though boulder's best player has a concussion so they only had jenna and katy.. argh. so then we started completely dominating them and then thayer scored in the last 5 minutes and again in the last minute so it was a TIE!! i almost died of happiness. and sk was playing with a broken arm, bec with a twisted ankle, and we still completely screwed them over. now all we need is the rest of the forwards to step it up for pahrump next week. (HATE HATE HATE) i fucking HATE pahrump.
this homecoming week has been amusing but strange. adam has been dressed strangely all week since he was garrett's slave, so he was dressed up as an angel and as a giant marshmallow... it was truly amusing and i almost died. other crap will have to wait because the homecoming game is in an hour and i need to take a shower... EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

more later

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

October 9th, at 8:39pm]
bum bum bum...
guess what in a day it's homecoming week. yippee.. and now i am going to homecoming in the stag group... FUN!!! and i got my dress today... it's gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. midnightblue- silver with beading and such. the only bad thing is that after this whole ordeal i will be completely broke. tear...

alissa and ber and watching matrix reloaded. i really love parts of that movie and really hate other parts....
HATE: agent smith giant battle (due to fakeness), neo flying in general, the architect.
LOVE: chateau fight scene, freeway chase, persephone, the music in general.
argh. the original will always be the best movie EVER. ha. um i am pretty much done for now.. more later
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

September 24th, at 11:43pm]
You are Wolverine!

A loner by nature, you feel uncomfortable when
around those you don't know and even those you
do. You are awkward when it comes to
relationships, but fiercely loyal to those you

Which X-Men character are you most like?
brought to you by Quizilla

damn right i'm wolverine
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

pics [Wednesday
September 22nd, at 11:00pm]
random pictures from camp and such...Collapse )
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

survey deal that will now make an appearance [Saturday
September 11th, at 6:17pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

The \\
Last Cigarette: eww cigarettes
Last Alcoholic Drink: smirnoff something
Last Car Ride: an hour ago when i drove here..
Last Kiss: oof that creep josh on that blind date a few months ago
Last Good Cry: a while ago.. can't even remember
Last Library Book: fury - salman rushdie
Last book bought: dangerous angels- francesca lia block
Last Book Read: the ground beneath her feet- salman rushdie
Last Movie Seen in Theatres: i, robot
Last Movie Rented: ooh i don't know
Last Cuss Word Uttered: motherfucker
Last Beverage Drank: orange juice
Last Food Consumed: fried rice
Last Crush: um current or last..? nick
Last Phone Call: my aunt just called like 5 minutes ago
Last TV Show Watched: lizzie mcguire since my cousin is watching it
Last Time Showered: a few hours ago
Last Shoes Worn: white tall flipflops with rhinestones
Last CD Played: my huge mp3 driving mix
Last song heard: Thrice- under a killing moon
Last Item Bought: chapstick and a naked juice at the drugstore
Last Download: barely breathing- duncan sheik
Last Annoyance: my sister acting like she's my freaking mother
Last Soda Drank: my weird combo of sprite, orange soda, and fruit punch that i had last night at roberto's
Last Thing Written: i started writing in my sketch journal but i lost motivation
Last Key Used: my car keys
Last Words Spoken: go change already (to my cousin)
Last Sleep: last night
Last Ice Cream Eaten: er vanilla ice cream like two weeks ago
Last Chair Sat In: the computer chair right now
Last Webpage Visited: narutofan.com

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

yesterdayness [Saturday
September 11th, at 5:55pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

yesterday went to the football game.. which was fun. we didn't watergirl and that was nice, but lamb wouldn't let us sit on the track. that was stupid... so we sat in the stands and quasi-socialized. poor adam had a really good tackle but then later he intercepted the ball and then fumbled it. so his devil father ripped him a new one.. sigh. we lost, but by way less that i thought and against a 4A school too. it was only 14-12 and we were winning the entire 2nd and 3rd quarters... so it was bullshit. it was weird, at the end of the game kathleen saw rico who i knew in 5th grade and i re-met him. he has gotten uberhot. it's very odd.
then afterwards we (me, kathleen, adam, arif, and zareen) went to roberto's. it was muy tasty... adam makes me laugh, and so does zareen with her indian aerobics and screaming loins.

i really really really really love soccer this season. i love everyone on the team (except amber the gay-hater) and marni and alison rule the world. there's no bitchy shannon... no scary vince... this is the perfect soccer season. and not to mention the fact that i heart jazmyn and alexis more than life itself.

well today i am babysitting with ber and going to joan's party deal for a little bit before taking the kids back to auntie chris's. yipee! free food! and tomorrow hopefully i am going with the peeps to viet and then to go see hero. excitement. and if all goes well alexis will be at church with me and we will have a marvelous time. hee hee hee.

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

June 17th, at 11:49pm]
when you tried to kiss me i only bit your tongue.
when you tried to get me together i only came undone.

daria, i won't be soothed.
daria, i won't be soothed over like smoothed over like
a bedspread or a quilt.
icing on a cake,
or a serene, translucent lake.
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

amusement [Sunday
June 13th, at 11:35pm]

Name / Username:

Name Acronym Generator
From Go-Quiz.com
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

June 10th, at 9:20pm]
hmmm. summer is kinda boring so far. nice, but boring. today i had a chance to rejoin society... tiffany wanted me to go to danny's house with anisa and her to play video games with danny's friends. what i found is that it was all a plot to set me up with danny's "gorgeous" friend. first of all sir i do not want to date anyone except someone i want. second i do not like to be coerced into things. third he's 20 which is a little bit too old. about 2 years too old. i am just a 16 year old little child... eh. besides i am too lazy to have a relationship. especially during summer...
so i got the franz ferdinand cd, which is quite good. yay.
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

quasi-quiz thing [Thursday
June 10th, at 9:18pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

so there was this random thing to put your playlist on random and write down the first 50 songs. so here goes nothing.

tainted love- soft cell
I miss you- incubus
simple kind of life- no doubt
a crow left of the murder- incubus
ordinary world- duran duran
priceless- incubus
close to me- the cure
darts- system of a down
high- the cure
suggestions- system of a down
consequence of laughing- our lady peace
follow- sevendust
forest- system of a down
nugget- cake
southern girl- incubus
otherside- red hot chili peppers
I need a lover(cover)- pat benetar
shimmy- system of a down
like a stone- audioslave
take my breath away- berlin
friend is a four-letter word- cake
lucky you- deftones
1999- prince
mind- system of a down
here in my room (pink tractorbeam)- incubus
policy of truth- depeche mode
painting- blindside
nowhere fast- incubus
hope- our lady peace
sleeping beauty- a perfect circle
Friday I’m in love- the cure
idiot box- incubus
useless- skillet
in bloom- nirvana
masturbates- mindless self indulgence
walking in my shoes- depeche mode
needles- system of a down
last dance- the cure
teahouse- rob dougan
push- matchbox 20
rose- a perfect circle
binge- papa roach
crawling- linkin park
maneater- hall and oates
potato girl- our lady peace
holding cell- onesidezero
sugar- system of a down
new world order- onesidezero
say it ain’t so- weezer
highway song- system of a down

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

June 4th, at 11:26pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i am tired of my nonexistant relationship already. is that bad?

school is OVER. hahahaha. but i have SAT II's tomorrow. that's bad. but oh well...
our lady peace live is a dream, to quote jane. i have a car stereo now!!! too bad my car is broken. tear. i need to name him/her/it. maybe kakashi or rock lee. it's not worthy of thorn or naruto or sasuke. that will be my future midnight blue lexus thing. but i love my car anyways.
i need to finish driving school.. and get a job. so i don't sit on my lazy ass all summer, getting slowly fatter. i would be happy, but quite heavy. ooh, i beat final fantasy 7 today. good ending. and i am looking forward to ADVENT'S CHILDREN!!! yay.

everyone is at the a perfect circle concert now. tear. that makes me truly depressed. i would have sold my soul to go to that concert. too bad i have psychotic parents. i hope tiffany was able to go.. i know she would have died if she couldn't have gone. ruggles was being a creep yesterday... telling me he liked my felix the cat shirt and saying i looked good in it... uh...creep. you have a pasty, don't go after me.
my relationship with tk is weird but better. perhaps that therapeutic letter thingy helped. i don't think so.. i think it was due more to the alchohol and random circumstances of our forgiveness.

harry potter 3 came out today.. i am not sure if i want to see it. it's my favorite book and if they ruined it i will be desolate.

you don't see me at all.

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

naruto is taking over my life [Tuesday
June 1st, at 7:26pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Which Naruto Character are You?
quiz by orangeday.net

hee hee. i heart kakashi and naruto. and sasuke and neji and basically everyone except sakura, ino, and the sound nins. and ROCK LEE!!!! ahh.

well today i had nothing to do. went to vietnamese with tiffany again .. arif wanted to go but he had to "study". so then we went to chinatown and best buy and borders. i got lots of stuff. including our lady peace live and dark side of the moon!! yay. i do not know what is going on with random boy. i feel very strange.
with my luck i'll see nick tomorrow and he'll be single. damnit.

is anybody home??
is anybody wasting tears on the loneliness that everyone becomes...
is anybody low
is anybody painting fear on bedroom walls....

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (2)and thunderstorms bright.

June 1st, at 10:43am]
[ mood | content ]

this weekend was completely out of character for me.
went to a party, blah. tk apologized
sunday, met hot sushi guy and gave him my number. weird, eh?
only i think i'm too lazy to have relationships. and too scared.
so anyways.. blah.

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

my favorite song lyrics [Thursday
May 13th, at 12:05pm]
I am too connected to you to
Slip away, to fade away.
Days away I still feel you
Touching me, changing me,
And considerately killing me.

tool- H
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

second entry.. how weird [Wednesday
May 12th, at 4:06pm]
i wish i could go see a perfect circle, but the next best thing is having their live cd. i heart alexa's boyfriend, who i have never met in my life but must be amazing. i really really really want to see incubus in august, that would be amazing. i'm using the word amazing a lot, weird.
APS are done FOREVER. well, at least until next year. my english was a little iffy, but the rest was ok. i don't really remember calc, and history was ok. my free response was weak. chem.. i don't know. argh.
well school is pointless. in calc no one goes anymore. in history we have more work than before the ap, which is bs. ditto on english, but i like what we're reading. latin.. we played latin/greek mythology bingo or "GRECO". which is fun because i won once. argh.
i heard the funniest story about zareen and ruggles's fight and the circumstances which led to their breakup, which made me laugh so hard i almost died. it really sums up the difference between ruggles and john though.

yesterday.. went to pho so 1 and ate REALLY GOOD FOOD with tiffany, then went to that little bookshop in chinatown and bought zareen's present. today went there again with kathleen and zareen to get volcano tea. mmm, tasty.
i am tired. i am going to convince people to join livejournal so i'm not lonely anymore.

threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back...
guess who

p.s.- i got tiffany addicted to the cure. another one for the robert smith cult, yay.
I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

May 6th, at 2:35pm]
[ mood | creative ]

weirdness. livejournal is like deadjournal only more efficient. and you can't change your comment bars. which sucks, but at least communities here won't blow.

I'm dreaming of car wrecks (0)and thunderstorms bright.

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